The End Of Cinematics

Conceived, written, and directed by Mikel Rouse
Music and lyrics by Mikel Rouse

For Merce

Produced by Mikel Rouse, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and Double M Arts & Events




The End Of Cinematics Stage Production


Executive Producers

Mikel Rouse
Mike Ross
Rebecca McBride
Michael Mushalla
Mary Anne Lewis


Robert Arthur Altman
Georgina Corbo
Matthew Gandolfo
Christina Pawl
Mikel Rouse
Penelope Thomas
Matthew-Lee Erlbach, understudy


production design


Production Director

Karen Quisenberry

Scenic Designer

Thomas Kamm

Lighting Designer

Hideaki Tsutsui

Video Systems Designer

Jeff Sugg

Director of Photography

Richard Connors

Sound Designer

Christopher Thomas Ericson

Costume Designer

Anne Kenney

Event Director

Rayburn B. Dobson, Jr.

Production Stage Manager

Jenny E. Goelz

Technical Director

Thomas V. Korder

Sound Consultant

Jon Schoenoff

Lighting Consultant

Michael W. Williams

Associate Video Coordinator/
  Automated Camera Consultant

F. Randy deCelle


production STAFF


Master Electrician

Denise Fonner

Properties Master

Nathan Michael

Company Manager

Jenaiah Shoop

Assistant Director

Brian Bowman

Assistant Scenic Designer

Micah Maatman

Scenic Design Assistant

Tiffany Scribner

Assistant Sound Designer

Florian Staab

Assistant Stage Manager

Ryan Parman

Assistant Stage Manager

Claire Friday



Special thanks to Jackie Kern and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

NCSA Consultant, Colliding
   Galaxies/Flight to Galactic
   Core Visualization

Donna Cox

Projection Video Editing/
   Pre-visualization Support

Jeff Carpenter

Pre-visualization Animation

Lorne Leonard
Robert Patterson

Optiverse Visualizations

George Francis
John Sullivan

Optiverse Visualizations/
   File Conversions and Transfers

Stuart Levy

Ricker Galaxy Visualization

David Bock

Colliding Galaxies/Flight to
   Galactic Core Visualization

Robert Patterson
Stuart Levy




Creative Directors

John Havlik
Rebecca McBride
Maureen Reagan

Graphic Design

John Havlik


Tammey Kikta
John Havlik
Rebecca McBride

Web Design

John Havlik
Paul Young

Animation Trailer Realization

Paul Young
Anni Poppen
Barry Abrams



The End Of Cinematics is a project of the University of Illinois Seedbed Initiative for Transdomain Creativity—a unique experimental model in support of collaborative explorations anchored in the intersection of art and technology.




The End Of Cinematics Recording


The End Of Cinematics

Mikel Rouse, music and lyrics

Recording Artists

Mikel Rouse, vocals and keyboards


Veanne Cox, vocals


Lisa Herman, vocals


Rob Shepperson, drums and percussion


Recording Purchase


©1999 Mikel Rouse. All rights reserved. Published by Club Soda Music (ASCAP)




The End Of Cinematics Film



Lisa Boudreau


Mikel Rouse


Jonah Bokaer


Trevor Carlson


David Lancourt


Shankari Srinivasan


Veanne Cox


Dorothée De Carfort

Production Designers

Lynn Court


Robert Franks


Mikel Rouse

Costume Designer  

Barbara Allen

Wardrobe Mistress

Nancy Hanks


Warren Ray


Brian McCay

Sound Recording

Ed Warden

Supervising Sound Editor 

Paul Kands

Re-recording Mixer

Mikel Rouse

Production Manager

Marge Angles

Script Supervisor 

Anna Thompson

Assistant to Mikel Rouse

Todd Previn

First Assistant Director 

Lisa Thorwal

Second Assistant Director

Andy Clay

Location Research

George Hattis

Art Director 

William Bore

Assistant Editor  

Joe Rause

Assistant Sound Editor

Rema Williams

Sequence Trimmer

Steven Kendal

Camera Operator

Michael Powell

Second Camera

Lisa Freemont

Assistant Cameraman  

Christina Buransk

Video Coordinator

Marc Display

Video Assistant

Tony Dansk


Justin Avery


Nick Fredericks


Sy Collings

Best Boy 

John Bourgious


Stuart Falco


Merce Cunningham

Recording Producer 

Mikel Rouse



Vocals and Instrumentals

Mikel Rouse


Veanne Cox


Lisa Cunningham

Drum Samples 

Rob Shepperson

Production Coordinator

Clair Seaton


BAR de l’X


Larry Givens

Computer Assistant

Alan Fletcher


Cédric Andrieux


David Pini


Maurice Badin


Rachel Ward


M & R, NYC

Post Production



in Final Cut Pro

Exclusive worldwide representation for Mikel Rouse provided by
Double M Arts and Events
Michael Mushalla, President
Mary Anne Lewis, Project Developer





The End Of Cinematics

Conceived, written, and directed by Mikel Rouse
Produced by Mikel Rouse, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and Double M Arts & Events

Commissioning support for Mikel Rouse's The End Of Cinematics has been provided in part by the University of Illinois Swanlund Initiative for the Performing Arts in the College of Fine and Applied Arts with support from the Office of the Provost; Krannert Center for the Performing Arts; Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008; Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts/University of California, Davis; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; University of Florida, Gainesville; Miami Performing Arts Center; UCLA Live; the Brooklyn Academy of Music with funds provided by the Mary Flagler Charitable Trust; and the Rockefeller Foundation Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund. Additional support provided by St. Ann's Warehouse.

The End Of Cinematics was premiered at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in the Colwell Playhouse Theatre on Saturday, September 17, 2005.


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September 17, 2005