Mikel Rouse leads our time with his powerful presence as a composer, filmmaker, performer, director, and visual artist. Critical acclaim and popular following have brought him to the forefront of international attention with his modern operas, recordings, and films. His formal education in both music and visual art developed his sense of wholeness about the role of art in his life and in our lives.

A quick review of Mikel Rouse’s biography will provide a snapshot of his accomplishments. A trilogy of operas, books of string quartets, two feature-length films, awards from leading funding organizations, and at least one recorded album every year for the past 20 years. Mikel Rouse is an artist of our time. He blends tradition and technology with an artistic voice that resonates in contemporary thought.

Recognized as a leader in his use of digital technology, Mikel Rouse taps both the despair and the hope of life in the 21st century. He delights in every step forward made possible by each new development in computers, cameras, recording equipment, and musical instruments because he uses technology as a means for human expression—a digital look at an analog world.

Mikel Rouse’s works based on pop culture are proving themselves artistic masterpieces long after the moment of “popularity” has passed. He is, according to The New York Times, “a composer many believe to be the best of his generation.”


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September 17, 2005